Impact Community Consulting is a full service community relations firm that partners with individuals, nonprofits, and corporations to achieve their philanthropic goals.

How do we do what we do

Support. We provide the tools and resources to support our partners on their journey to impact change. We identify the unique needs of each client as we create individual plans to maximize resources and influence.

Identification of philanthropic goals. We identify and prioritize the goals of of our partners to create the best philanthropic vehicle for success.

Mission based planning. We Create strategic plans that include fundraising, and program development that is true to the mission, vision and values of our partners.

Production of meaningful programs and projects. We create and implement programs that impact the sector of the world our partners are most passionate about. We use industry best practices and standards to create

Leadership and a commitment to partnership. We provide services that respect our partners, stakeholders, and communities we serve.We believe in the power of collaboration.

Empowerment and Engagement. We create a culture of knowledge sharing with our partners to be confident, knowledgeable, and active participants in their impact missions.